Dimedium Group is a pan-Baltic group that unites three companies in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania, respectively named AS Dimedium, AS Dimedium Latvija and UAB Dimedium Lietuva. All the companies operate under a uniform motto „Full animal health“ and have more than 25 years of industry experience in promoting and supporting agriculture and animal well-being.

The group’s vision and aim are to be the intermediator that brings global top products from the industry’s forerunners to local clinics, farms and our customers’ homes. We provide a diverse portfolio of products, covering the needs of the entire sector: high-quality veterinary medicines and vaccines, feeds and feed additives, milk replacers, health and hygiene products, breeding material, farming equipment, instruments and software. For companion animals, we offer a wide selection of pet foods, feed additives and pet supplies from the world’s leading producers.

Dimedium Group is always evolving and setting new goals and milestones to reach. We are constantly updating our portfolio to meet the needs of our customers in the best way. Dimedium Group is a responsible company – our activities are in line with the concerns of the natural and market environment of the community as well as the interests of our employees, customers and business partners.

Dimedium Group is always open to collaboration with partners who share our values.